23 March 2024

Slow Art Walk in Arabic | Led by Hala El Abora

A4 Space

Starts 9:00 pm

Venue A4 Space

Warehouse 4

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Aligned with ‘alternative ways of being’ and mindfulness, Slow Art Walks invite visitors to take the time to slow down and reflect, not to rush, but to take time to unpack and understand.

In this exploration, our senses guide us through Alserkal Avenue, urging us to observe before we seek understanding. With each step, we absorb the visual feast before us, as if time itself has slowed to a gentle rhythm, inviting us to savor every nuance.
As we pause before each artwork, we engage in both a silent (and not) dialogue with the artist's expression, pondering its significance. We immerse ourselves in the vocabulary of art, seeking to understand its language in Arabic: from the details of "التفاصيل" to the harmonious composition of "التكوين", and the emotive power of "التعبير".

Through observation, conversation and contemplation, we unlock the layers of meaning embedded within each piece. What message does the artist convey through their strokes and colors? What emotions stir within us as we decipher their intent?

About Hala:

Hala El Abora (b. Amman, 1999) is a Palestinian Jordanian artist based in Dubai. Her practice is driven by her obsession with the concept of non-ephemerality, permanence, and the desperate need to preserve. She explores the act and process of archiving, the act of making forms concrete, and negotiating deterioration. In her work, intimate embroideries resonate against rigid and enduring mediums such as resin, plastic and metal to embody experiences of yearning that cannot otherwise be made physical.

Hala’s work was showcased at several exhibitions, including Press Print!, Aisha Al Abbar Gallery, Dubai, UAE;Nostalgia, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE; Getting Over the Color Green, Engage101, Dubai, UAE (2023); Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, UAE (2023); While The Coffee Grounds Settle, Gotham Gallery, Washington, DC, USA (2022); Calculating Chaos, Rewaq Gallery, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE (2022); SGC International Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (2022); Confluence II, Universiti Sains Malaysia, IE Art Projects, Malaysia (2022); Exit 16, The Studio Gallery, Sharjah, UAE (2021); Palestine 101, University of Toronto, Canada (2020); and Identity, Rewaq Gallery, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE (2020).

Hala has been awarded the Christo and Jeanne-Claude award (2023) alongside her team, and was a member of Jameel Arts Youth Assembly (2022 - 2023). She was part of Confluence, a virtual residency by Universiti Sains Malaysia (2022). She holds a BFA from University of Sharjah (2021) and currently pursuing her MFA in Art and Media in NYUAD.

Meeting point: A4 Space