20 November 2023

Slow Art Walk by Nadine Khalil

Notes on a Vanishing Centre

Alserkal Avenue

Art critic, editor and curator, Nadine Khalil leads a Slow Art Walk during Alserkal Lates.

Starts 5:00 pm

Ends 6:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Avenue

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In this walk we return to T.S. Eliot's line "At the still point of the turning world,' to find visual points of anchor within turbulent movement. The quote is part of Eliot's Four Quartets, which, situated in a particular religious and historical context in England, focuses on the nature of time and the present moment as being all there is, while also seeking a universal order and redemption in a world that is not time-bound. During the slow, interactive walk, you will look both outward and inward, seeing what remains of a visual moment in your mind's eye but also come to an understanding of how artists hold and contain chaos within their work, as it is impacted by the world. In each artwork you spend time with, you will exercise locating the point where past and future images converge, and where memory is left behind.

Aligned with ‘alternative ways of being’ and mindfulness, Slow Art Walks invite visitors to take the time to slow down and reflect, not to rush to unpack or understand.

Nadine Khalil
is an independent art critic, editor and curator. Her curatorial practice looks at the intersections between performativity and technology. Her upcoming exhibition, "I can no longer produce the limits of my own body," at NIKA Project Space (November 15, 2023 - January 15, 2023) is part of her research on the body as an expanded site of performance, labour and technological embodiment. She is the former editor of Dubai-based contemporary art magazine, Canvas (2017-2020) and Beirut-based urban culture magazines A mag and Bespoke (2010-2016). After a decade-long stint in art publishing, she advises art institutions and non-profits on editorial strategy, content development and publications.

Meeting Point: A4 Space