28 February 2023

Slow Art Walk with Auguste Nomeikaite

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Join us for a Slow Art Walk with Auguste Nomeikaite at 9.30pm on 28 February, 2023

Starts 9:30 pm

Ends 10:30 pm

Venue Alserkal Avenue

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What would we know without words? We live in a world of reason: much of modern knowledge relies on rational coding and linguistics, while felt experiences demand description and verbalisation. Alternative - non-rational - forms of knowledge making, although undervalued, have been instrumental to the feminist discourse, lending weight to visceral experiences and advancing our understanding of issues ranging from intimate partner violence to the eco-crisis.

This Slow Art Walk is an invitation to engage with artworks through experience rather than observation or understanding. Focusing on video art and film, the Walk will swirl through the current exhibitions at the Ishara Art Foundation, Green Art, and Volte galleries.

Auguste Nomeikaite is a photographer, filmmaker, and intermittent writer living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Thematically, her work explores interpersonal relationships, often using sociological inputs, and also grapples with broader ecological concerns. Her practice pursues new tonalities, constructing narratives of reclamation and agency against dominant forms; she studies her subjects and the manipulations of modernity through a feminist-leftist lens.

Auguste’s interventions turn not on cynicism, but empathy. On sympathy and care, and in the development and deployment of non-academic knowledge. A nest and negotiation, a tonic of affirmation—the work does not shy away from the contradictions of identity, and traces the potential of aesthetics in a cathartic vein.

Meeting point: A4 Space

About Slow Art Walks

Aligned with ‘alternative ways of being’ and mindfulness, Alserkal Art Week Slow Art Walks invite the visitor to take the time to slow down and reflect, not to rush to unpack or understand. We’ll be joined by critical voices from the arts—both emerging and established—to welcome audiences to spend an evening with artworks in the Avenue. This spring’s two walks will last 45 minutes each starting at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, and will be led by Dr Jill Magi and Auguste Nomeikaite.