Theatre & Dance
13 January 2024–3 March 2024

Short and Sweet

Tapestry of Tales

The Junction

An illustrious gathering that stands as the pinnacle of Short+Sweet festivals worldwide!

Starts 13 January 2024

Ends 3 March 2024

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72

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Greetings and welcome to the grand stage of the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival Dubai 2024.

Born in the creative womb of the Newtown Theatre in Sydney back in January 2002, Short+Sweet has unfurled its artistic tapestry across seven countries and more than 32 captivating cities. From Australia to Malaysia, New Zealand to India, the Philippines to the UAE, and the iconic streets of Hollywood, Short+Sweet's legacy knows no bounds. Dubai's tryst with Short+Sweet commenced with a dazzling debut in February 2012, marking the inception of an extraordinary theatrical journey. With over 20 plays, nearly 80 actors, directors, and writers, this inaugural festival set a resplendent precedent for what was to come. It was here, under our desert sun, that Short+Sweet Dubai created a pioneering moment by uniting all major theatre companies in the city.

Year after year, Short+Sweet worldwide curates a selection of approximately 500 of the finest ten minute plays, showcasing the brilliant talents of both burgeoning and seasoned directors, actors, and technical maestros. This platform has played a crucial role in propelling the careers of numerous luminaries, including acclaimed film actors like Rose Byrne, Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman, Bella Heathcote, and Stef Dawson.

A journey begins with the call of playwrights and Independent Theatre Companies (ITCs) from around the globe. Every year, we receive a trove of approximately 1,000 scripts, each of which undergoes a stringent three-stage evaluation process. The outcome is a selection of the finest works for each festival.

The plays chosen to find their directors, and actors tread the boards after rigorous auditions held in every hosting city. Thousands of actors are given the stage to dazzle in Short+Sweet festivals worldwide. The festival's crescendo takes the form of a Gala Final and Awards night, a magnificent celebration where accolades are bestowed upon the deserving.

Here, in the realm of Short+Sweet, creativity shines brilliantly, ten minutes at a time, crafting a mesmerising tapestry of tales that captivates audiences and etches a mark in the annals of global theatre.

Welcome to Short+Sweet—the epitome of creative expression, where every moment is a masterpiece!