28 September 2023–3 November 2023

Sahand Hesamiyan - Prolepsis

The Third Line

The Third Line is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with Sahand Hesamiyan.

Starts 28 September 2023

Ends 3 November 2023

Venue The Third Line

Warehouse 78


Marking the artist’s 24-year journey with steel, Prolepsis will showcase a collection of sculptures that celebrate his dedication to this medium, and shine a light on a trove of long-cherished yet unrealised projects.

Prolepsis serves as a moment of reflection for Hesamiyan. While the artist is renowned for his ambitious large-scale works, this exhibition presents miniature forms of those anticipated projects that remain unmaterialised, but not forgotten. Each sculpture becomes a poignant echo of what could have been, and Hesamiyan prompts us to consider the interplay between aspiration and realisation.

By combining the precise geometric principles of Islamic architecture with the artist’s minimalistic sensibilities, his work conveys the profound and spiritual notions deeply rooted in ancient Iranian heritage. Through a unique reinterpretation of elements drawn from Iranian architecture, Hesamiyan not only highlights the fundamental design and conceptual significance but also underscores their pivotal role in shaping the history of Islamic art.

As viewers move through the exhibition, they embark on a journey into the intricacies of the artist’s creative process. Witnessing the genesis of his ideas, this experience grants a profound understanding of Hesamiyan's commitment to his craft, fostering a deeper connection with the artist’s process.