23 November 2023

River are veins: Majlis Talks Session #3

Marianne Fahmy, Artist, Alexandria

The Yard

Rivers are veins and grief is the conveyor belt to the present - Marianne Fahmy, Artist, Ciaro

Starts 5:00 pm

Venue The Yard

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Marianne Fahmy will speak on artworks on the world water crisis as a historian and an artist who embraces the agency of futurism. The correlation of rivers to veins underlines vital roles of circulation of water on earth and within the human body. One would never build a dam to reroute the flow of blood. Wars over access to clean water are embedded in our histories. Fahmy will share recent research for upcoming projects on and about islands, islands that will be submerged and islands that do not yet exist. She will share clips of films, including What things may come, which imagines the aftermath of a predicted flood submerging the Nile delta of Egypt. Fahmy’s work creates unexpected scenarios of forthcoming floods and droughts that are both surreal, poetic and practical.