Theatre & Dance
24 June 2022–30 July 2022


By Alaa Krimed

Sima Performing Arts

A 50-minute contemporary dance performance by Sima Dance Company at Sima Performing Arts choreographed by Alaa Krimed

Starts 24 June 2022

Ends 30 July 2022

Venue Sima Performing Arts

Warehouse 38

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The show "RHYME" is a theatrical laboratory performed by Sima Dance Company from Sima Performing Arts, in which the Artistic Director and Choreographer Alaa Krimed relied on research and dived into a collection of old and modern Arabic sentences of a melodic character, and worked to embody and express them dynamically, in an attempt to indicate that the Arabic language has a large area of experimentation and a great ability to absorb and embrace the rest of the arts, including the art of contemporary dance.

This show is an invitation for the public to see a part of the Arab and Eastern cultural heritage, where the director builds artistic pillars from oriental music and contemporary dance.