28 September 2023

Resonant Yard | Soundscape by Safeya Alblooshi

The Yard

Immerse yourself in a sonic journey of The Yard's history, with a specially commissioned soundscape by Safeya Alblooshi.

Starts 5:00 pm

Ends 10:00 pm

Venue The Yard

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Resonant Yard is an immersive sonic creation that intricately weaves together the past, present, and potential future of The Yard space. An evolving soundscape, the piece is a blend of imagination and historical reference that draws from archival materials—textual, visual and sonic, we and our community members have collected over the years. It aims to translate historical accounts and speculative visions into sonic elements of the space and its multiple identities, echoing the space's evolution. Resonant Yard invites you to take a moment, listen, and collectively remember the evolution of The Yard through sound.

5PM - 10PM
The Yard