26 March 2024

A Contract Overseas: Story from Mia Alvar’s In The Country

Warehouse 58

Reading Group led by Farah Fawzi Ali

Starts 7:30 pm

Ends 8:30 pm

Venue Warehouse 58


You couldn’t erase history, but you could close chapters of it, just as in a textbook” Writer Farah Ali invites you to delve into In The Country by Mia Alvar, a humbling collection of nine short stories that narrate the lives of Filipinos in the Philippines and in the diaspora. This particular reading room will focus on a selected reading set in the GCC entitled "Shadow Families", offering a narrative closer to home in everyday spaces we have all threaded once before.

Farah Fawzi Ali is an Egyptian-Filipina writer and curator. Driven by her mixed heritage and Gulf upbringing, Farah committed to widening spaces for representation, community and collective meaning-making. She is the founder of Faire Trade, a sustainably-conscious swap shop that encourages the circular exchange of the community's once-loved belongings. Her written work can be found in Postscript Magazine, MariasAtSampaguitas, Art Dubai, Global Art Daily, Ward Magazine and Unootha Magazine. She is an alumnus of The Assembly at Jameel Arts Centre and holds a BA in Political Science from The American University in Cairo.

Warehouse 58 | 7:30PM