Theatre & Dance
25 August 2023–27 August 2023

Rayya - The Legend of Alexandria

The Junction

Based on a True story. The young innocent girl, Rayya, runs away from her poor village with her sister -Sekina- , heading to the city of Alexandria. Both looking for a new life full of joy and love, however, their destinies turn them into monsters..

Starts 25 August 2023

Ends 27 August 2023

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72

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Rayya and Sakina. The eternal legend of Alexandria. Presented to you in 2023 with a new, different, and satirical vision, in which drama mixes with comedy.

Let's reopen the files, raise questions, and search for answers. Were the protagonists really criminals. or just victims?

A vision that was inspired by everything that was written, published, and said about this unique epic, where facts are mixed with lies, as is the case in all myths. A dramatic treatment that takes into consideration the historical and human context, as well as, the psychological motives of its protagonists, from the point of view and imagination of the author.