18 April 2024

R22 Tout-Monde

Part of When Solidarity Is Not a Metaphor

Live Radio Session with Adelita Husni-Bey, Zora Snake, and Olivier Marboeuf

Starts 5:00 pm

Venue Navy Officers' Club, Venice


R22 Tout-monde, launched in June 2014 by the Khiasma cultural platform in Les Lilas, Paris, and in partnership with L’appartement 22 in Rabat, Morocco, is an avant-garde online radio. It serves as a conduit for streaming diverse sound documents created by a global network of contributors.

Conceived as living archives, these sound pieces function as resources for cultural and artistic actions. A broad spectrum of participants, including cultural organisations, educational institutions, artists, researchers, students, and community groups, become emissaries of the Tout-Monde, broadcasting globally.

During exhibition hours, R22 Tout-Monde presents six sound works from the Museum of Breath.

April 18