3 September 2022

Quarrying a Narrative Vol.II

3 September 2022 | Alserkal Arts Foundation

Workshop led by Augustine Paredes

Starts 11:00 am

Ends 5:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Arts Foundation

Warehouse 50/51

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Take part in Quarrying a Narrative Vol. II, a one-day intensive workshop led by photographer, poet and multi-disciplinary practitioner Augustine Paredes at Common Room, Alserkal Arts Foundation (Warehouse 51) as part of his series The Artist is not an Author is not an Artist.

With the artist’s guidance, participants are invited to construct stories from their own archive of images and writings and imagine alternative ways of making prose and poetry. We will employ devices such as the semiotic square, a semantic tool to deconstruct how text makes meaning, and basic methods of book-making.

Limited to 6 participants. Please send your application here with your bio, CV and a writing sample in the form of a 500 word essay/short story or a minimum of 3 poems.

Application deadline: 19 August

Confirmed participants will be notified by 27 August

The Artist is an Author is an Artist is a series led by Augustine Paredes in which he explores the balance between text and images in his artistic practices through conversations and workshops.


Augustine Paredes is a Filipino artist and photographer questioning what it means to desire in the light of love, loss, and longing. Augustine’s lyrical, contemporary, and sensuous visual narratives are derived from his many-storied travels and South East Asian consciousness. He is an author of two self-published books: Conversations at the end of the universe (2020) and Long Night Stands With Lonely, Lonely Boys (2021). Along with collaborator and friend Anna Bernice, they founded Sa Tahanan Co., a collective that aims to create a platform for Filipino art and creatives through exhibitions, art sales, and collaborations.