16 February 2022–1 July 2022

Order of Magnitude

Jitish Kallat

Ishara Art Foundation

Starts 16 February 2022

Ends 1 July 2022

Venue Ishara Art Foundation

Warehouse 3


Ishara Art Foundation proudly presents ‘Order of Magnitude’, the first major solo exhibition of Jitish Kallat in West Asia and the Levant. Featuring new works that include paintings, multimedia installations, drawings and site-specific interventions, the show reflects the artist’s profound deliberations on the interrelationship between the cosmic and the terrestrial.

Kallat’s oeuvre sits between fluid speculation, precise measurement and conceptual conjectures producing dynamic forms of image-making. Using abstract, schematic, notational and representational languages, he engages with different modes of address, seamlessly interlacing the immediate and the cosmic, the telescopic and the microscopic, the past and present. In ‘Order of Magnitude’, one finds a contemplation of overarching interconnectivity on the individual, universal, planetary and extra-terrestrial dimensions.

The exhibition will run until July 1, 2022 with free admission. Wearing of masks and maintaining social distance is compulsory.