25 January 2024–20 February 2024

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Highlighting Elmarsa Gallery’s Represented Artists

Elmarsa Gallery

A group exhibition showcasing some of North Africas most reputable modern and contemporary artists.

Starts 25 January 2024

Ends 20 February 2024

Venue Elmarsa Gallery

Warehouse 23


Aligned with the advent of the new year, this exhibition aims to illuminate the artistic oeuvres of some of North Africa's most eminent modern and contemporary artists. Through a discerning curation, Elmarsa Gallery endeavors to present a nuanced perspective on the iconic stylistic elements that have propelled these artists to the zenith of artistic recognition. By virtue of this showcase, the gallery seeks to foster a contemplative engagement with the profound and transformative dimensions of the artists' practices, offering patrons an opportunity to delve into the intricate tapestry of their creative expressions.