28 February 2023–31 March 2023

No Man's Land

Charlie Lewis Marffy

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Charlie Lewis Marffy’s painting are true to the experience of living, breathing and failing.

Starts 28 February 2023

Ends 31 March 2023



Charlie Lewis Marffy
No Man’s Land

Co-curated by Catalin Necula

Charlie Lewis Marffy is interested in painting that is true to the experience of living, breathing and failing. In his paintings, Lewis Marffy seems to offer glimpses into a subliminal world; a place that is rife with confusion, contradiction, and ambiguity. It is conjured through an intuitive immediacy that incorporates its afflictions and derailments into something psychologically challenging. A peculiar darkness is slowly unveiled under the veneer of a ludic sensibility. It is an unfamiliar non-representational space that provokes the imagination with the indication of something internal and personal. The viewer, much like the painter, is invited to navigate the painting as a mental map in the same way an orienteer would. The divergent actualisations, absence of clear horizontal lines and spiralling overlapping forms work in the same way that a cartographer does when he flattens the earth’s surface onto paper.


Charlie Lewis Marffy (B.1989, England) is a painter, writer, and researcher from Devon who lives and works in London, UK. He attended Exeter School of Art and Plymouth University after which he graduated from the Royal College of Art. Charlie has held residencies in Holland (2015), Cuba (2015) and Singapore (Most notably at the Institute of Contemporary Arts). Upon the completion of his degree, he joined Fabien Fryns Fine Art in the summer of 2022. He is interested in a pictorial space that is true to the experience of living, breathing and failing. A ludic sensibility that points to something psychological and unresolved.

28 February–31 March 2023