28 March 2021–5 May 2021


The Third Line

A sound installation of yasiin bey's latest 28-minute album

Starts 28 March 2021

Ends 5 May 2021

Venue The Third Line

Warehouse 78


The Third Line and Sole bring yasiin bey’s Negus to Dubai: An audio and visual installation by yasiin bey

The Hip-Hop legend’s latest studio recording and audio installation opens March 25th, featuring visual works by contemporary artists Ala Ebtekar, Anuar Khalifi, Laleh Khorramian, Nima Nabavi, and bey himself.

Tickets are AED 75 and available at Virgin Megastore Tickets
Information sole.digital/negus

Entry to Negus is during Ramadan is from 2 pm - 10 pm daily.

Limited to 20 tickets per session.

Negus is a 28-minute listening experience consisting of 8 compositions recorded in London in 2015, produced by Lord Tusk, Steven Julien, and Acyde.

Negus is presented as an immersive sound installation that can only be experienced in person. The recording is unavailable for purchase via digital or physical platforms. bey designed the multi-track recording as an installation to encourage people to be fully present while listening to it.

The sound installation unfolds through a series of varied installations around the world. Each city proposes a new possibility, a new format, a way forward, a stillness in motion.

Negus was first presented in collaboration with artist Hassan Hajjaj at his riad in Marrakech. It was later presented at Art Basel Hong Kong in March of 2019. Negus was last presented at the Brooklyn Museum in November 2019.

The Dubai iteration of Negus features artworks by Ala Ebtekar, Anuar Khalifi, Laleh Khorramian, and Nima Nabavi.

About yasiin bey

Born in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, yasiin bey is a multidisciplinary artist. He has been making hip-hop music since 1994, and first gained national attention in 1998 with the release of Black Star, with Talib Kweli, and his subsequent solo album, Black on Both Sides, in 1999. Throughout his career, bey has balanced music with acting, appearing in films such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005), 16 Blocks (2006), Be Kind Rewind (2008), and Bamboozled (2000), among others.