20 August 2022

Narrated Liquid Contaminants

Safeya Alblooshi

Part of More Than Human

A multichannel sound installation creating conceptual narratives of contaminated water bodies, situated listening to the environment, and embodiment of coexisting relationships.

Starts 7:30 pm

Ends 8:30 pm

Venue Jossa by Alserkal

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Narrated Liquid Contaminants embodies a form of situated listening that addresses topics of contaminated waterbodies and the effect they play on the environment. Water is used as a medium to conceptually portray flows of contamination, replicating those existing in the natural environment, and sound as a channel of narration, accompanied by video. The mediums connect with each other once interacted with via physical touch or shadow movement, letting the installation act as a means of situating the audience in an altering soundscape by participating in the narrative rather than being passive observers; a reflection on our co-existent relationship and active contribution to our surrounding environments.

Safeya Alblooshi:

Safeya Alblooshi experiments with sound in the realms of manipulated field recordings, experimental composition and participatory performance to engage with topics of conceptual narrative, environmental listening and interactivity in performance.

In addition to performing at the annual Hekayah | The Story (2021) at the NYUAD Arts Center, Safeya has also done sound for live performance and moving image, such as Re|sound V in the Sharjah Arts Foundation (2020) and has collaborated in various soundscape projects, one of which was recently presented at the UAE programming of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2022). She has completed her BA in Music from NYU Abu Dhabi with a minor in Interactive Media in 2021.