Fitness & Wellness
26 May 2024

Morning Meditation (Ladies Only)

DNA Health & Wellness & The Chi Room

Starts 9:00 am

Ends 10:00 am

Venue DNA Health & Wellness & The Chi Room

Warehouse 80

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Indulge in a serene sanctuary of gentle movements and tranquil meditation, where each breath becomes a pathway to inner harmony. In this sacred space, we honour the body's whispers with tender stretches and flowing motions, inviting a sense of ease and release into every posture. As we settle into stillness, the mind softens, allowing thoughts to gently drift away like leaves on a gentle stream. Here, amidst the quietude, we discover the profound beauty of simply being, cultivating a deep connection to the present moment and the infinite peace that resides within. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and soulful renewal, guided by the gentle whispers of our hearts and the serene rhythm of our breath.