12 March 2022

Mindful Mala Bracelet Workshop

Ame Artistic Studio

Come and explore the sacred art of mala bracelet making with Archana Avinash, Founder of Strings and Beads and learn how your bracelets can be used in daily practice to help manifest miracles.

Starts 3:00 pm

Ends 5:00 pm

Venue Ame Artistic Studio

Warehouse 81

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Creating a personal mala bracelet works to open the heart and serve as a talisman for empowerment and well-being. During this powerful and inspiring workshop we will focus on tapping into our individual intuition and explore how we can use this to collectively be the change in the world. You will choose what goes on your mala bracelet from a wide variety of stones provided. All extra supplies will be provided for you, so you can leave with a one of a kind handmade bracelet that you can truly call yours. While you create your malas, Archana , an intuitive energy healer, a certified crystal healer & a gemologist will guide you through the history of the gemstones, the intentions your mala bracelet can hold & how to use them every day. At the end, we will close with a smudging ceremony to clear any negativity.