6 May 2024

Land(ing) in Sudan

Urban Research at a time of war

Alserkal Arts Foundation

Starts 7:00 pm

Ends 8:30 pm

Venue Alserkal Arts Foundation

Warehouse 50/51


We invite you to an evening of critical discussions around the crucial role of land throughout the modern history of Sudan, including the past year of war. By centralizing such a topic, our interlocutors give us a lens to look at a trajectory of violence and resistance that influenced the formation of Khartoum.

Our current research grantees, Zainab Gaafar and Khalda Eljack, along with their close collaborators Hind Abdulbagi and Niema Alhassen, will shed light on their journeys of artistic urban research at a time of conflict as they reflect on questions around land by unfolding narratives of their own experiences with war.

We extend this invitation to Sudanese artists, architects, scholars, researchers and cultural practitioners presently residing in the UAE to join the discussion, present their ongoing projects, and connect with others who share their research interests.

Date: Monday, 6 May 2024
: 7-9PM
: WH51, Common Room, Alserkal Arts Foundation


About the Researchers

Khalda El Jack
is a trained architect and urban researcher currently based in Belgium with ten years of experience. Her current work explores how displacement has shaped Khartoum through spatially understanding the entanglements that lie between the movement of bodies, movements of resistance and the movement of nature. With a particular focus on the peri-urban landscape transformation of Khartoum, her interests focus on critical mapping as a tool to showcase the entanglements that constitute the spaces of the city, drawing from various forms of situated knowledge, resistance and inhabitation practices.

Zainab Gaafar is an Architect, researcher, and multidisciplinary project manager, she has a special interest in urban space and urban subjects. For the past ten years, she has been roaming the streets of Khartoum and documenting to try to understand the urban fabric, and how people utilise the built environment and interact with the city. Currently, she is the founder of Studio Urban, an experimental practice with an exploration lens that conducts research, maps out different phenomenon, and experiments with the use of different technologies, art, and visual and audio mediums as a tool to communicate knowledge to a bigger audience.


Image: This is our land. Courtesy the artist.