5 September 2022–8 December 2022

New School Year at Wisdom Warehouse!

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Wisdom Warehouse

Wisdom Warehouse is kicking off the new school year with brand new creative workshops, engaging and rigorous tutoring classes, and simply fantastic masterclasses.

Starts 5 September 2022

Ends 8 December 2022

Venue Wisdom Warehouse

Warehouse 61

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Wisdom Warehouse's bespoke tutoring classes in reading, writing, math, and phonics give learning a new lease on life. All tutoring classes are carefully curated to not only suit the learning needs of each students, but also provide a safe space for kids to have fun and engage with learning. To accurate place students into tutoring classes, a Wisdom Warehouse teacher will assess each child to identify the gaps and formulate a personalized learning plan. To book your assessments click here.


From once-off workshops to intricate masterclasses, Wisdom Warehouse ignites creativity and inquiry in young minds. For this semester, Wisdom Warehouse is launching brand new workshops and masterclasses that are guaranteed to inspire:

Art Through the Ages

Tuesdays | 4:45-5:35PM

Travel back in time as we explore art and artists throughout history. Emulate their style by creating your very own masterpieces, with a Wisdom Warehouse twist!

The Magic of Chemistry

Thursdays | 4:45-5:35PM

We'll supply the lab coats and the goggles, if you bring the curiosity! This science-based workshop is sure to blow your socks off. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of chemistry through a new hands-on experiment each week.

The Artist's Studio

Saturday | 2 - 2:50PM

Let's get creative in this art-based workshop. Each week artists will create new masterpieces using different mediums, movements and styles. You never know where your imagination might lead you in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

Marvellous Mother Nature

Saturday | 2-2:50PM

Calling on all 3-5 year-olds! This sensory-based workshop is for the little ones. Each week will explore our amazing earth through art, science and hands-on activities.

Master Classes

Sunday | 2-2:50PM

Want to become a master? Our masterclasses take an in-depth look at a new topic each week. From creative writing, to art to problem solving, our masterclasses will have something for everyone! Check out our website for this month's masterclasses.