Exhibitions | March 22, 2021


March 22, 2021 | Firetti Contemporary

Experience Helidon Xhixha's striking sculptures in Firetti Contemporary's inauguration on the Avenue

Starts March 22, 2021

Ends May 22, 2021

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29


The newest art gallery to the Avenue opens with a solo exhibition showcasing two monumental artworks, Iceberg and Earth, in support of the awareness of global warming and the melting ice caps.

Firetti Contemporary gallery is where art and creative concepts align from the region and beyond, encouraging global engagement, creating meaningful and sustainable collections.

Representing both established and emerging artists from all over the world, FIRETTI CONTEMPORARY aims to build a multidisciplinary art space with a focus on public art, working alongside collectors, architects and designers, delivering a solid message through the arts.