23 January 2024–31 March 2024

Immortal Mirror

by Aref Montazeri

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Starts 23 January 2024

Ends 31 March 2024

Venue Leila Heller Gallery

Warehouse 86/87


Aref Montazeri's artistic journey unveils the mirror's role as a time capsule, capturing time layer by layer. With a single gaze, time halts, letting the audience see themselves in the present, amid past moments and a myriad of images within the mirror's layers. The inherent haziness of the present image sparks contemplation on time's nature, fostering a unique interaction between the audience and the reflective medium.

‘Immortal Mirror’ marks a profound exploration into the layers of mirrors and their intricate relationship with the audience, unveiling a fresh essence that challenges perceptions and transcends the boundaries of time.

Transitioning from abstraction to tangibility, Montazeri introduces an innovative mirror crafted through a chemical oxidation process, mimicking the effects of time. He delves into the abstract realm, proposing a poetic notion that declares, "The image in the mirror is immortal ".

This handcrafted abstract masterpiece offers a distinct expression of the materiality of mirrors, turning a simple reflective surface into a complex plane that invites prolonged contemplation. Inspired by the humble triangle,Montazeri's creative process adds texture, oxidation, and complexity to the mirror's original structure. This transforms the two-dimensional triangle into a captivating interplay of curved sides, creating a coalition of contemporary and original geometry. Adorned with mirrors emitting an aged and enigmatic aura, the artwork projects a fresh and thought-provoking image of the audience.

The exhibition prompts viewers to explore three temporal dimensions: uncovering the past in the mirror's aged layers, scrutinizing present forms, and envisioning a future with immortalized images amid oxidized layers. This abstract interplay of past, present, and future leaves a lasting impression, inspiring introspection and encouraging deeper self-exploration.

About the Artist

Aref Montazeri was born in Tehran, Iran in 1986. He is a sculptor removed from conventional practices, he pursues a novel approach to mirror art that involves large numbers of mirror cuts and meticulous attention to detail. Conceptually, he follows an approach he has termed "The MIRROR follows narrative", which favors materialism over ornamentalism and resilience of design over buildability. His design apparatus consists of three criteria: Narrative, Material and Technique. Which is also the way he looks at art and creates it.

He started his training during the time he collaborated with Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian on the design and fabrication of around 60 sculptures (2009-15). Additionally, he was involved in fabrication of Parviz Tanavoli’s sculptures and jewelries (2012-14). He has also been an artist-in-residence at TUIC, contributing to research projects in innovative materials and smart techniques. Notably, his residency with the Maleki Collection in France resulted in the creation of three significant sculptures, including the intricate "PARADOX" composed of 70,000 mirror pieces.