Food & Drink
24 July 2022

Ikigai @ The Experience Room

Part of Natsu at Alserkal Avenue

Join us to begin your exploration of Japanese teas and ingredients, to understand Pekoe’s Ikigai and reason for being, and more importantly, to evoke the idea of finding your own Ikigai, if you haven't yet already.

Starts 4:00 pm

Ends 7:00 pm

Venue Pekoe Tea & Bread Bar

Warehouse 59

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Ikigai means the reason for being. They say the purpose of your life is to find your life’s purpose.

Join us for an afternoon where Pekoe will offer an introduction to Japan through Japanese teas and Ingredients. They will share with guests their Ikigai with the hope that it helps evokes thoughts of finding your own, if you haven't already.