18 February 2022

Ikebana with cherry blossoms

Ame Artistic Studio

Ikebana: the traditional and ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, by using blossoms and foliage.

Starts 3:00 pm

Ends 5:00 pm

Venue Ame Artistic Studio

Warehouse 81


All participants will be able to create and compose their own floral arrangement using the Ikebana technique and style taught by the instructor, Ms Harui Oki.

A certified Master from Ohara School of Japan, Ms Oki will explain and demonstrate the symbolism of the chosen winter flowers and instruct how to emphasize the natural, and their graceful beauty in Ikebana style.

Flowers used at the workshop will be provided to the participants.


A certified Second Master in Ikebana. Ms. Haruie Oki continued a family tradition when beginning Ikebana at the age of fifteen. Ms. Oki completed her education at Japan’s renowned Ohara School of Ikebana. She has worked in many countries, most recently teaching and exhibiting her work in London, Paris and Tokyo. She has recently established a private practice here in Dubai where she teaches non - Japanese speaking students using her trilingual skills in Japanese, English, and French. Through teaching Ikebana, Ms. Oki also imparts many aspects of Japanese arts and culture.

Instagram: @Tsubakidubai