9 April 2023

Hindustani Classical Performance

With Sandu and Sneha

The Yard

Join us for an evening of Hindustani Classical music - Bansuri melody, accompanied by tabla rythms.

Starts 9:00 pm

Ends 10:00 pm

Venue The Yard

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Sandu has been performing Indian Tabla and percussion accompaniments with different genres of Music for more than 30 years. He has garnered a lot of recognition in regional as well as national level arts festivals, and has been fortunate to perform with renowned classical artists in India, and abroad. His collaborators are only limited to classical artists, but he has also worked with various light and contemporary artists and TV shows, Radio programs, Theatre music, Original Background Score, Films Music, Arabic Sufi Music, and other Stage Shows.

Sneha is a Bansuri Artist of Hindustani Classical Music. Under the guardianship of Sri Pundalika Shenoy, she trained in the elaboration and criticalities of ragas, raaga-taala development, and coordinated manodharma, which focused on self-exploration and expression through structured and unstructured elements. She followed the rigorous practice of the discipline of vilambith, madhyalaya, and drut elaboration during this time.

Academia, University Education, and Professions went hand in hand as Sneha developed her practice in Hindustani Classical Music. She received tutelage on taala dynamics, rhythm composition-decomposition, sound and recording, and technical considerations in performing arts from Pt. Vishwanath Nakod. Through the infusion of raaga presentation with combinations of rhythmic compositions and emotions, Sneha strives to authentically display human expressions and energy.

She has appeared as a soloist and accompanist, presenting in a way that feels both modern and timeless. Sneha has also presented and spoken at international conferences directed towards health and well-being.

9-10PM | 9 April
The Yard