7 April 2023–7 March 2023

Handpan Performance

By Anas Alhalabi

The Yard

Experience the beauty of the handpan with this live music performance.

Starts 7 April 2023

Ends 7 March 2023

Venue The Yard

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Our handpan performance is brought to Alserkal Avenue by Anas Alhalabi who, for him, the handpan is not only an instrument, but a way of life. Anas is the first Handpan teacher in the Middle East with over 70 students. He has played internationally with a repertoire of over 200 events in 20 countries. Anas also created the first Handpan Orchestra in the world with 100 handpan players.

I am a global citizen, who carries his love for music across 20 countries. With my roots from Syria. I enjoy understanding local cultures and bringing people from various backgrounds together over music. I started off as a drummer and percussionist.

What is a handpan?

The “ Handpan”, “Hang Drum”, “pantam”, and “UFO Drum” are different names for a closely related family of relatively young musical instruments. The instrument is made of two convex sheets of steel glued together. This instrument allows one to improvise from a more emotional and kinetic inspiration, free of the mind. Many players use these for healing.

7 April | 11.30PM-12.30AM