19 November 2023–3 February 2024

Half Light

by Fahd Burki

Grey Noise

Starts 19 November 2023

Ends 3 February 2024

Venue Grey Noise

Warehouse 24


Half Light is a distillation of experiences, dreams, archetypal forms, enigmatic and unresolved thought processes. It is a transitional state that is neither day nor night, capturing an incremental progression between dimness and luminosity, between disappearance and emergence.

The paintings in this exhibition bring into question a notion of scale. While some fit snugly within the boundaries of the canvas, possessing a potential to expand into habitable terrains, others are silent and ruminative. A stepwise banding of colour appears as a recurring motif in these works, functioning as a gradient in some and assisting in a morphing of shapes in others - moving from object to topography to darkness.

This exhibition presents a body of work that departs from my minimalist approach to image-making, opening it up to subject matter, metaphor, and narrative.

- Fahd Burki, November 2023