24 February 2022

Gulf Urbanism: What City do you see?

Gulf Photo Plus

in conversation with Dr Khaled Alawadi and Michele Nastasi

Starts 7:00 pm

Ends 8:30 pm

Venue Gulf Photo Plus

Warehouse 36


Join us on Thursday, 24 February at 7pm for a round-table discussion with Dr Khaled Alawadi and Michele Nastasi. In this conversation-style talk, photographer and urban researcher Michele Nastasi will introduce his seminal work Arabian Transfer with his own personal annotations, entwining the photographer's subjectivity with the opacity of Gulf cities and their relative cityscapes in the image form and its subject matter. Dr Khaled Alawadi, urban designer and architect will offer insights on matters of urban visibility in the Gulf and its fraught relationship to the photographic image, in response to Arabian Transfer.