25 February 2024–3 March 2024

Guardians of the land | Guardians of the land

by Noreen Ali

Part of Alserkal Art Week

Starts 25 February 2024

Ends 3 March 2024

Venue Jossa by Alserkal


Dastaangoi Gallery in collaboration with Alserkal Avenue is excited to present Guardians of the Land featuring Noreen Ali.

Humans and nature are interdependent. Infact, we are a small segment of a larger ecosystem. Noreen find’s inspiration in the wisdom of ancient trees, their roots anchored deep within the soil, witnessing the passage of time and whispering tales of resilience. Coexistence is not a mere concept but a living reality. It beckons us to step beyond the confines of our daily lives to embrace the wisdom that nature graciously bestows. It is a call to live harmoniously, to honour the interconnectedness that binds us all. Noreen portray animals in her work not as passive subjects but as cohabitants and fellow beings depicting their majestic presence in our space.