March 22, 2021–May 29, 2021

When Words Disappear into Trees

Exhibited at Green Art Gallery

March 22, 2021–May 29, 2021 | Green Art Gallery

Works by Seher Shah investigate absence, silence, and distance

Starts March 22, 2021

Ends May 29, 2021

Venue Green Art Gallery

Warehouse 28


A broken limb made of stone, placed in a foreign country.

A sound wave, moving through air as an incomplete line.

A hermetic language, unable to speak, and left as an argument from silence.

Absence is defined as a state in which something desired is not present or does not exist. Silence created by emptiness. An unknowable measure of distance between things. A negative space.

Pakistani artist Seher Shah presents her works in When Words Disappear Into Trees as a study into absence. Following her practice intersecting art and architecture as a way to think about space, landscape, objects and aesthetics, Shah exhibits works on paper with marks that retain the traces of time bind, fragments of places both real and imagined.