6 May 2023

Farm to Table: Dibba Bay, Emirates Bio Farm, Teible

Panel Discussion with Ramie Murray, Yazen Al Kodmani, and Chef Carlos Frunze

Part of What the Food

11 AM | Learn about the farm to table experience with the city's leading advocates of local farming practices.

A seasoned organic farm manager, Yazen Al Kodmani, has developed and overseen a proven hybridization of large-scale organic farming, agritourism and retail in the UAE. With over a decade of experience, he has transformed over 25 hectares of arid land into a profitable wholesale and direct-to-consumer farm and tourist destination. He has also established 3Y Agtech, an agritech consulting firm to address the regional food security challenges which brings together the expertise of experienced consultants, developers and farmers.

In 2016, Ramie Murray, founder of Dibba Bay Oysters, pioneered the pivot from the traditional Arabian pearl oyster industry to the farming of an edible oyster species. Thanks to the unique conditions of the ocean, which made Arabia world-renowned for its lustrous white pearls, the Dibba Bay oyster is thriving and continues to showcase the heritage of the region through its distinctive and vibrant white and gold shell. The unique qualities of the waters of the Emirates, which have been historically through the legendary white pearls, now live on through the Dibba Bay oyster shell.

A bit of Russia, a bit of Mexico. Chef Carlos Frunze, better as known as his kitchen alias, “Carlos”, is the true embodiment of a 3rd culture legacy and a 2nd generation chef. He is currently serving as the Executive Chef of Teible, the only restaurant to receive the inaugural Michelin Bib Gourmand in Dubai within its first 6 months of operation, sourcing 90% of its produce locally and from the MENA region. Carlos is no stranger to adventure in life both inside, and outside the kitchen. He’s grown up in cities immersed in a rich plethora of cultures: Dubai, Acapulco, Salvador, New Orleans and Kuala Lumpur. Once a military man, he’s since exchanged his uniform for an apron and a chef jacket. He passionately advocates for zero wastage, enforcing sustainable practices inside and outside the kitchen, and educating people through the use of fermentation methods.

Join us at 11AM on Saturday, 6 May at Warehouse 46, Alserkal Avenue.