Food & Drink
28 September 2023–28 December 2023

F&B Residencies

Alserkal Avenue

At the heart of our community is a shared love for delicious food and unique finds.

Starts 28 September 2023

Ends 28 December 2023

Venue Alserkal Avenue

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We’re thrilled to welcome an array of the city’s best food trucks and captivating retail pop-ups to our lanes for a 3 month residency.

The Foodies

JayTee: A savoury sanctuary for burger aficionados and foodies alike. Devour irresistible burgers with JT burgers.

Akhou Manouche: A testament to the artistry of Lebanese cuisine, serving the beloved street-food speciality.

Phat: An exciting new concept on creating an unparalleled fusion of street culture, fast food, and global street food flavours.

Wandr: The new kids on the block here to impress your palate with exciting new flavours.

Local Foundry: A range of specialty desserts and coffee selection featuring different blends and flavours.

Fashion Forward

Swey: Producing fashionable sunglasses that make a statement, Sway Collective explores the new wave of creative expression in the region.

For The Love of Coffee

Medina: Experience Arabia with Medina’s exquisite Arabic coffee.

The Grotto: Crowd favourite, The Grotto, is returning to our lanes for all the coffee and matcha lovers!

Blu Matcha: Matcha pioneers Blu Matcha are coming to our lanes!

The Health Nut

Salata: Beirut-born healthy eating concept upping the salads game, and encouraging communities to eat real food and adapt an active lifestyle.

Maison Ethertique:
A wellness brand dedicated to bringing ancient healing practices from around the world into modern lifestyles, such as incense, crystals, sage, and stones.