5 November 2023

Floral Visions | Sami Soloh

Curated by Rashid Almheiri

The Yard

This workshop invites participants to envision and visualize the artistic life of a flower.

Starts 4:00 pm

Ends 6:00 pm

Venue The Yard

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Through the creation of natural dyes using the same water, attendees will explore the flower’s vibrant transformation and artistic growth.

A realm of imagination in the ethereal existence of a flower, having traversed the kaleidoscope of art scenes and embraced the nurturing whispers of gallery air conditioning. The magnificent journey as it thrives, unfurls new hues, and bears the fruits of artistic expression. Through the alchemy of natural dyes and pigments, crafted at the workshop's inception, delving into the essence of the flower's essence. The very water that bestowed life upon these blooms, coursing through the veins of the gallery, now becomes the elixir that breathes vibrant beauty into our creations.

Curated by Rashid Almheiri.


Creativity meets connectivity, Sami Soloh immerses audiences in the realm of immersive experiences. His creations merge art and nature to provoke thought and emotion. Soloh guides students to explore their artistic potential, to foster a new generation of innovators. His canvas is the world, and his art is transformation.