22 June 2024–4 July 2024

Firetti Contemporary & Moser: A Celebration of Art, Traditions and Craftsmanship

Firetti Contemporary

Starts 22 June 2024

Ends 4 July 2024

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29


An exclusive event in collaboration with the historic glassmaking firm Moser, founded in 1857. This unique partnership will showcase a selection of outstanding glass creations and a stunning fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art, celebrating over 160 years of Moser's unparalleled expertise in glassmaking.

Founded by the talented glassmaker Ludwig Moser, the company has been guided by generations of secret knowledge, creating perfectly cut works of art adorned with flawless engraving. Even today, Moser's masterpieces are crafted by the hands of master craftsmen without the use of automated machines, preserving the artisanal integrity that has defined the brand for over a century and a half.

This event, held in collaboration with Firetti Contemporary, aims to celebrate and support art and creativity in the UAE. Moser will unveil an exclusive selection of their historical and timeless creations alongside new pieces inspired by the captivating artworks of Emirati artist Salmah Al Mansoori. This limited edition of glass works showcases Salmah’s watercolor series "I Reminisce in Colours," which delves into Ghayathi's diverse landscapes, from the vast desert to the evolving urban environment, encapsulating the essence of the city that has profoundly influenced her identity.

Through her paintings, Salmah finds solace and healing, expressing her experiences and emotions through intricate mark-making and layers of color. Each stroke represents a fragment of her journey and a reflection of the places and spaces that hold significance in her life.

The collaboration between Moser and Salmah Al Mansoori brings together the timeless elegance of hand-cut glass and the vibrant storytelling of contemporary art. Guests will have the unique opportunity to witness these exquisite pieces firsthand and explore the artistic dialogue between traditional craftsmanship and modern artistic expression. Join us for an evening that celebrates the beauty of art and the enduring legacy of craftsmanship.