Guest Project
1 April 2023–9 April 2023

Faire Trade

Community Swap-Shop by Farah Fawzi Ali

Part of Stay a Little Longer

Exchange your once loved belongings at this free store, where everything is completely sustained by the community.

Starts 1 April 2023

Ends 9 April 2023

Venue The Yard

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Faire Trade - مواكب الأجر is a free store where everything is priceless and completely sustained by the community! Drop off new or preloved items gathering dust at home and barter them for any item that spikes your interest; from books to a funky cute top! Faire Trade was a concept created by Egyptian-Filipina writer and events curator, Farah Fawzi Ali, to encourage community-spirited interactions through the sustainable and circular exchange of once​ loved belongings.

1-9 April 2023
The Yard

Consider these guidelines before bringing your objects:

Wish List:

Books and Toys

Home decor


Music & Video (cassettes, vinyl, CDs etc)

Small Electronic items

Accessories and Bags

Miscellaneous (anything from stickers to stationary to little trinkets)


Self Care and Beauty

Kitchen items

Nope. Nada. Nah:

Food and Beverage

Large items (If you need two people to carry it, don’t bring it)