28 September 2023

Explore Iwan Maktabi's latest collections

Iwan Maktabi

Starts 10:00 am

Venue Iwan Maktabi

Warehouse 32


Join Maktabi in embracing Emirati creativity with carpets by acclaimed designers Sheikha and Afra Bin Dhaher. Dive into Saudi Arabia's heritage with the LIBAS collection.

The collections on display are

Taghrouda by Emirati sisters Sheikha and Afra Bin Dhaher
Delights collection by Saudi Prince Artist, Sultan Bin Fahad
Libas collection developed by Iwan Maktabi and BLU with the help and support of The Mansoojar Foundation

Taghrouda by Sheikha and Afra Bin Dhaher:

Focusing on the common histories, landscapes and cultural elements of the Gulf region, the Taghrouda collection is inspired by the chanted Bedouin poetry that is traditionally composed and recited while traveling through the deserts. The captivating chant not only entertains the riders but also, encourages their animals to travel in synchronicity.

The designs were created in an antiphonal and improvisational manner, the way poetry is constructed; where one starts with a poetry "line", prompting the other to respond with a "line". Likewise, the process of the collection was developed with one designer responding to the other designer’s strokes, composing a new visual melody.

The Bin Dhaher’s pieces for Terminal G are Titled: Verse 1, Verse 2 and Verse 3.

Delights by Sultan Bin Fahad:

“Delights” by Sultan Bin Fahad is a limited-edition carpet collection that commemorates familiar phrases traditionally used during weddings and other happy occasions. The visuals used for this collection are inspired by a traditional tin box of delights with inscriptions of prosperous wishes. These boxes were historically offered to guests attending weddings. The collection represents what the artist describes as “something far, something close and something real to cherish and hold dear.”

The hands of the bride and groom’s fathers entwined to seal the promise of everlasting union, framed by red rose petals, swirling lines and colored vines stitching the edges of time, both lost and found, into the sweet bouquet of the present day. The "Delights" collection depicts a scene of unity and adoration, love upheld arm in arm. A gift of before to now, everlasting, and timeless.

Sultan’s limited-edition pieces for Terminal G are titled: Delight I, Delight II and Delight III.

Libas by Iwan Maktabi:

The latest collection titled “Libas”, developed by Iwan Maktabi and BLU Architects, explores traditional attire and all folkloric habits and ceremonies linked to it.
Libas offers a window into the culture and habits of the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
From Hijaz (Jeddah, Taiíf, the Bani Saad tribe…), from Najd (Riyadh, Dariyah, Al Hootah…)

This collection pays homage to Saudi Arabia's rich textile heritage and the undeniable splendor of its traditional garments and accessories.

The collection’s mission is to shed light on unknown costumes of Saudi Arabia and celebrate the known ones, as they make up the past, the present and the future of the Kingdom.