30 October 2021

Echo Holdings x Anthropophagy

A Corrupted Lecture Performance

30 October 2021 | A4 Space

Echo Holdings x Anthropophagy is a corrupted lecture performance, incorporating music, video projections and voice recordings.

Starts 7:00 pm

Ends 9:00 pm

Venue A4 Space


This Saturday, St. Petersburg and Dubai will bleed into one another as digitally mediated spaces converge with literal and figurative eating alongside blown-out Tropicalismo. Echo Holdings x Anthropophagy is a corrupted lecture performance, in the form of a collaborative takeover of A4 Space, incorporating music, video projections, voice recordings, snacking, and a constellation of printed artworks from the exhibition, Anthropophagy, currently on view at Kerka Gallery, St. Petersburg.

Dubai attendees will be connected with those in the St. Petersburg gallery via a synchronous Zoom call that runs throughout Isaac Sullivan’s hybrid live set, which will feature distorted Tropicália samples, 909 drums, analog synths, and the sonic contributions of participating artists. Responding to Oswald de Andrade’s 20th-century Anthropophagic Manifesto, the show looks at periodic mimicry, the digestion of cultural codes, and new boundaries of identity formation through a contemporary lens of mediated presence.

Credit Isaac Sullivan Anthropophagy (2021)