28 September 2023

Djuma Private Game Reserve Livestream

Wild Earth

Alserkal Avenue

Get ready to be transported to the heart of African wilderness.

Starts 10:00 am

Ends 10:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Avenue


This is your window into the stunning Gowrie dam on Djuma Game Reserve, in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa, the oldest waterhole cam in Africa and the world. The stream has been broadcasting LIVE from this spot since 1998, and with some luck you will see big cats coming for a drink or even on a kill close by. You can also expect to see a lot of impala (light brown antelope), waterbuck (white circle on rump), nyala (males have yellow legs and females have white stripes on flanks) and many other types of mammals, birds and reptiles. The camera is remotely controlled by a volunteer corps of people around the world known as ‘zoomies’. They log into the camera according to a schedule in shifts, and pan, tilt and zoom in search of animals.

This livestream draws parallels between the watering hole and The Yard, framing them as spaces of gathering and respite. Nothing much happens, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a deer or two, but the possibility of more is what invites the visitor to slow down and pay attention to how we, humans/non-humans/more-than-humans gather.

Location: Back Lane