Food & Drink
6 April 2022–10 April 2022

Cook Me A Story

INKED X Sufra kitchen

Part of #ThisIsNotABuffet

An Iftar popup at the Alserkal Arts Foundation

Starts 6 April 2022

Ends 10 April 2022

Venue Alserkal Arts Foundation

Warehouse 50/51


An Iftar event that celebrates historical cookbooks, allowing guests the chance to literally and figuratively taste the past. Spanning the 1870s – 1980s, our time travel Iftar will recreate recipes from the SWANA expanse, savoring flavors and textures, sounds and words, that embody the culinary history of the region. The Iftar consists of a six-course menu, carefully selected by food researcher Salma Serry of @sufrakitchen, from seminal historical cookbooks. The food experience is accompanied by a reading of the introductions of these cookbooks that immerses the guests in a multi-sensory experience of the past.