16 December 2023–17 December 2023


by Rachana Darda

Part of Weekends at The Avenue

Experience Contours, an extraordinary exhibition by artist Rachana Darda, at Jossa by Alserkal.

Starts 16 December 2023

Ends 17 December 2023

Venue Jossa by Alserkal


Rachana, a versatile artist who started as a fashion designer, now mesmerises with her photography and intricate pen art. Having showcased her talent in Mumbai and internationally, including at World Art Dubai and the Ramadan Colours Exhibition, her work seamlessly blends fluid lines and meticulous pen strokes, evoking a world of imagination and emotion. This immersive show promises to reveal Rachana Darda’s unique artistic vision, inspired by her background in fashion, passion for travel, and love for music.

Rachana Darda is an Indian artist known for her intricate pen art that portrays the course of life and the joy of sharing. With a background in fashion design and photography, Rachana’s creativity found new expression through pen art during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her advanced diploma in Textile, Graphics and FashionDesigning helped hone her artistic skills, which culminated in a portfolio of original pen art titled Untamed Lines. The collection was exhibited at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery in August 2022. Rachana’s intricate pen art has earned her recognition as a rising talent in the Indian art scene. The artist lives and works in New Delhi, India.