May 14, 2021–May 20, 2021

Cinema Akil: Another Way Film Festival

May 14, 2021–May 20, 2021 | Cinema Akil

A film festival on sustainability and the environment in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy to the UAE and KAVE: Story of Things

Starts May 14, 2021

Ends May 20, 2021

Venue Cinema Akil

Warehouse 68


In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy to the UAE, Cinema Akil presents the first edition in the UAE of Another Way Film Festival, Spain’s leading film festival on sustainable progress.

Another Way Film Festival (AWFF) is an essential meeting for culture and sustainability through powerful documentaries in feature-length and short form. Climate change is a fact. Every day, we witness climatic and ecological phenome na that give evidence of this fact. And these phenomena are growing by the day, increasing at a worrying rate.

AWFF offers the opportunity for everyone to join a movement that aims to go beyond raising awareness in society. AWFF is a platform for sharing stories that talk about what is going on with our environment in an aim to encourage all of us to drive a change that is as utopian as necessary.

The festival kicks off on May 14th until May 20th at Cinema Akil.

Another Way Film Festival is driven by a deep desire to entertain, inform and raise awareness in the public through the transformative power of images. It is about opening a pending conversation about sustainable progress.

The objective of the travelling film exhibition that Another Way Film Festival, in collaboration with the AECID, is offering is to publicise documentaries that have been selected for their quality and content, based on the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and financial.

For more information on Another Way Film Festival in Spain and its previous editions, please click here