6 June 2023–31 July 2023

Latest cc-tapis carpet designs

Iwan Maktabi

Discover the latest carpet designs by Patricia Urquiola, Bethan Laura Wood, German Ermicks and more now on show at Iwan Maktabi Lab!

Starts 6 June 2023

Ends 31 July 2023

Venue Iwan Maktabi

Warehouse 32


Patricia Urquiola reveals her Pipeline collection of digitally generated tubular artwork translated into artisan-made rugs and wall hangings.

Traditional artisans transform Patricia Urquiola’s Pipeline signature elements into hand-knotted rugs and wall hanging pieces, rethinking the original design for both horizontal and vertical applications. Breaking traditional rug boundaries, blurring the line between design and art.

Materials aid the evolution of the design as some tubes begin to grow from the surface of the rug as the pile morphs into different colors, rounded shapes and shaggy pile heights.