6 September 2023–28 October 2023

Brushstrokes & Perspectives

A Journey Through Interconnected Passages of Non-Figurative Art

Elmarsa Gallery

Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of modern & contemporary artists influenced by non-figuration

Starts 6 September 2023

Ends 28 October 2023

Venue Elmarsa Gallery

Warehouse 23


Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to present Brushstrokes & Perspectives: A Journey Through Interconnected Passages of Non-Figurative Art, a group exhibition bringing together modern and contemporary artists who were deeply influenced by the changing times of a post-war world. Inspired by the corporeality of painting techniques present in movements such as Art Informel, Abstract Expressionism, and Kinetic art, the selection of artists fearlessly rejected figuration within painting. The exhibition will be on view at the gallery in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai from the 6th of September until the 28th of October 2023, and will include a selection of artworks by Abdelkader Guermaz (Algeria, 1919-1996), Asma M’Naouar (Tunisia, b. 1965), Chafic Abboud (Lebanon, 1926-2004), Hedi Turki (Tunisia, 1922-2019), Leopoldo Torres-Agüero (Argentina, 1922-1995), Mahjoub Ben Bella (Algeria, 1946-2020), Mohamed Khadda (Algeria, 1930-1991), and Nasser Assar (Iran, 1928-2011).

Brushstrokes & Perspectives highlights the interconnected networks of cross-cultural discourse that formed during a period of mass migrations, collectively inciting newfound curiosities surrounding alternative notions of seeing and thinking. Although from diverse backgrounds, the artists on display produced bodies of work rooted in representation before being drawn to abstraction for the freedoms of expression and autonomy that it granted. Experimentations with abstraction placed emphasis on manipulating the viewers perspective by modulating brushstroke. Sometimes abrupt and angular, a delicate stroke could quickly become broad, fluid.