1 April 2023–9 April 2023

Bootleg Griot | Lost in Translation: Exploring Language and Culture

Pop-up Library by Bootleg Griot


A public library concept, rooted in African literature, that explores the impact of language on culture, identity, and the challenges of translation.

Starts 1 April 2023

Ends 9 April 2023

Venue Satellite

Warehouse 16

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Bootleg Griot is a public library concept, created by Ronald Ekore and Fawaz Abdulazeez. Exploring the impact of language on culture, identity, and the challenges of translation, the installation will feature a curated selection of books and print media that highlight the richness and diversity of world literature, with a focus on African literature.

Alongside this, interactive elements such as a language exchange programme, and workshops by local authors, and translators, will take place for visitors to practice their language skills and learn from others:

Tuesday 4th April | 7.30PM
A conversation with the founders of Efie Gallery tracing the link between the West African tradition of oral storytelling and contemporary African Music.

Sunday 9th April | 8PM
A conversation with Professor Binyam Sisay Mendisu (Director of the department of languages and translation, The Africa Institute) on African Literature and Language, with a focus on the different ways that language is used in African literature and how this has evolved over time.

The library will stay open from 1-9 April, starting 7PM-12AM at
Satellite WH16.