29 April 2022

Beyond Zero

Firetti Contemporary

A screening at Firetti Contemporary

Starts 8:30 pm

Ends 10:00 pm

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29

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On Friday the 29th of April, for the first time in the MENA region “Beyond Zero” will be screened at Firetti Contemporary in collaboration with The Umbrella Institute.

The award-winning film "Beyond Zero" tells the 30-year journey of a global public company that embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all its negative environmental impacts by 2020. It is a powerful message about sustainable transformation being possible, written and directed by Nathan Havey.

Ray Anderson's story, the CEO of Interface, is the most important business story of the last 100 years. After a life-changing epiphany, the CEO of a global public company embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020. To succeed, they must overcome deep skepticism, abandon the status quo, and ignite a new industrial revolution. Beyond Zero offers an inspirational roadmap for how business can reverse climate change.

“Beyond Zero tells a powerful and hugely hopeful story about what it means to build a business around restoring the earth and just why we must reimagine capitalism to heal the world — and ourselves. Don’t just see this movie, bring its lessons into your company, and fast.” - Rebecca Henderson, Professor at Harvard Business School, Author of "Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire."

Producer/Cinematography: Jim Havey

Editing/Cinematography/Audio: Nathan Church

Executive Producer: Diana Propper De Callejon

Co-exectutive Producers: Bill Hayward Bob Fish & Michael McFallBen Lumpkin

Production Coordinator: Alysha H. Burney

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