19 November 2023

Warak Rolling Therapy


Warak rolling has always been a therapeutic release for Haya growing up.

Starts 1:30 pm

Ends 3:30 pm

Venue KAVE

Warehouse 20

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We’re all very much in need of releasing our emotions these days and that’s why this session has been planned.

Vine leaves – aka warak in Arabic – are at the heart of Palestinian homes, culture and food. Growing up, warak rolling was a communal effort that brought Haya, her mama and tetas together. During their sessions, they would catch up on life, chat about the latest gossip and share a memory together.

In true Haya’s Kitchen fashion and in preservation of this tradition, you’re invited to join the next warak rolling therapy workshop. During the session, you'll get to learn the skill of warak rolling, listen to Haya's tales and traditions, and work together as a community to roll warak for your next gathering. Once you're done filling the pots, you'll have the chance to sit down and enjoy some of Haya's homemade Koosa and Warak (Zucchini and Vine Leaves) to end the session.