18 September 2023–7 November 2023


by Karolina Krasouli

Grey Noise

Starts 18 September 2023

Ends 7 November 2023

Venue Grey Noise

Warehouse 24


Karolina Krasouli presents a series of new and old works, paintings, drawings, sketches and photographs. Whether in painting, photography, or film, her works explore the intersection of abstraction and figuration. Through a process of reading and writing, she extracts a set of operations for ‘rewriting’ meanings andsensations, seeking to invent a novel language. Central to her work is the attempt to toss together differentfragments, forms of which are both formally and conceptually inspired by her collection of books, papers andenvelopes. Through the representation of optical phenomena related to memory and language, the use of colorand light replace the role and functions of the written and the spoken word, thus resulting in different modes of verbal address. These works are produced in meditative-like process reached through repetition, prolonged to an extent that they contain time. Most of them are detached from any recognizable references to the physical world. The viewer may stand in front of them as in front of a visual field, creating continually a different relationship between proximity and distance.

The exhibition Arodo, which borrows its name from a nautical term used for the temporary stop of a ship outside a port, at the open sea due to bad weather, is conceived as the outcome of moments of stillness, contemplation and the passage of time beyond words that inhabit the works.