6 May 2023

Archiving Food Traditions: Salma Serry

Part of What the Food

6PM | Researcher Salma Serry talks to us about archiving food traditions

Salma Serry is an interdisciplinary food researcher, filmmaker and founder of @Sufra_Kitchen. She has a collection of over 400 historical cookbooks and culinary ephemera and was recently awarded the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)’s grant for her ongoing research on the modern history of food in SWANA.

'Her research explores food as a site of confluence where history, knowledge, politics, economies, senses and semantics become interconnected elements that are produced and reproduced continuously throughout time.' - Jameel Arts Centre, Library Circles

Serry will join us virtually on Saturday, May 6 2023 at 6PM for her talk on archiving food traditions and ephemera. Join us at Warehouse 46, Alserkal Avenue.