20 November 2023

Alserkal Lates | Alserkal Art Week

Alserkal Avenue

Starts 5:00 pm

Ends 10:00 pm

Venue Alserkal Avenue

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Alserkal Lates is when Alserkal Avenue comes alive with exhibitions, installations, performances, art walks and we kick off the new art season together with the galleries staying late to display their newly opened exhibitions.

Lates marks the start of the November edition of Alserkal Art Week, a key art moment for the Avenue in tandem with Abu Dhabi Art and Dubai Design Week.

Programme Schedule:

'Sensory Infrastructure'! | Slow Art Walk

Himanshu Kadam
Meeting Point A4

At the Still Point of the Turning World
Slow Art Walk
Nadine Khalil
Meeting Point A4

Sima Dance Company, in partnership with Maserati
Main Lane | 7PM_7:30PM

Open Studio
Residents of Alserkal Arts Foundation
Residents Programmes
7_8:30 PM
Project Space

Screening by Cinema Akil
The Yard | 9PM - 10PM


1x1 Art Gallery
By Klove
WH10 | 28 Sep_Jan

Ayyam Gallery
Solo Exhibition by Roshanak Aminelahi
Faces of Resilience
WH11 | 14 Nov_02 Jan

Carbon 12
Philip Mueller
The Black Flags of Medea
WH37 | 14 Nov_29 Jan

Custot Gallery
Group Exhibition
Inked In Time
WH84 | 28 Sep_26 Nov

Elmarsa Gallery
Group Exhibition
Reviewing Landscape
WH23 | Opening 20 Nov

Firetti Contemporary
Solo Exhibition by Sawsan Al Bahar
WH29 | 12 Nov_12 Dec

Firetti Contemporary
Salvador Dali
The Master of Surrealism: featuring the bronze limited edition sculptures
WH29 | 12 Nov_12 Dec

Firetti Contemporary
Diaa Allam, Sawsan Al Bahar, Kaikhan Salakhov, Josh Rowell and Yousra Wahba
Breaking Boundaries

WH29 | 1 Oct_12 Dec

FN Designs x Tashkeel
Jamal Tayara-Baroudy
Ways of Seeing
WH 26 | 24 Oct_28 Nov

Gallery Isabelle
Lubna Chowdhary
WH17 | 14 Nov_5 Jan

Green Art Gallery
Afra Al Dhaheri
Give Your Weight To The Ground
WH28 | 14 Nov_05 Jan

Grey Noise, Dubai
Fahd Burki
Half Light
WH24 | 19 Nov_3 Feb

Ishara Art Foundation
Sudarshan Shetty
Only Life, Myriad Places
WH3 | 25 Aug_9 Dec

Lawrie Shabibi
Nabil Nahas
WH2 | 30 Oct_5 Jan

Leila Heller Gallery
Diane Tuft
Frozen In Time: Photographs from the Arctic and Antarctica
WH86/87 | Opening 20 Nov

Leila Heller Gallery
Maxi Cohen
The Poetry of Water
WH86/87 | Opening 20 Nov

Leila Heller Gallery
Clifford Ross
WH86/87 | Opening 20 Nov

Mestaria Gallery
Wissam Shawkat
Black & White
WH35 | Opening 11 Nov

The Third Line
Nima Nabavi & Jason Seife
WH78 | 14 Nov_5 Jan

Volte Art Projects
Rashid Rana
WH13 | 20 Nov_23 Dec

Zawyeh Gallery
Saher Nassar Curated by Giuseppe Moscatello
The Front Side Strikes the Most
WH27 | 28 Sep_30 Dec